NOSH v. n. to eat food enthusiastically, a snack 

from the Yiddish nashn 

Jewish Apple Cake

How about these apples? This traditional Jewish cake is packed with fresh & locally sourced juicy & delicious apples! Fall never ends with this delicious treat sprinkled in cinnamon and sugar.


The only time you'll pronounce the K and the N! Knishes are the epitome of Jewish soul food! A knish is usually a potato filled dough that when baked has a crisp outer layer and a delicious and savory filling. Mike's Knishes come in 3 delicious flavors, potato onion, sweet potato pecan, and spinach. They come in regular and bite sizes.

Mandel Bread

Similar to biscotti, Mandel bread is a long sweet (sometimes savory) chewy and crunchy cookie available in chocolate chip walnut, chocolate chip, lemon poppy seed, better than biscotti because you won't break a tooth!

AKA Mandelbrot/Mondal/Kamish Bread. 

Poppyseed Cookies


It's impossible to just eat one. These bite sized noshes make a crispy and crunchy snack just sweet enough to go back for another.





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