Jewish Apple Cake

How about these apples? This traditional Jewish cake is packed with apples! Fall season never ends with this delicious treat sprinkled in cinnamon and sugar.


The only time you'll pronounce the K and the N! Knishes are the epitome of Jewish soul food! A knish is usually a potato filled dough that when baked has a crisp outer layer and a delicious and savory filling. Mike's Knishes come in 3 delicious flavors, potato onion, sweet potato pecan, and spinach. They come in regular and bite sizes.

Mandel Bread

Also known as Mandelbrot and similar to biscotti, Mandel bread is a long sweet (sometimes savory) chewy and crunchy cookie available in chocolate chip walnut, chocolate chip, lemon poppy seed and rosemary thyme. 

Poppyseed Cookies


It's impossible to just eat one. These bite sized noshes make a crispy and crunchy snack just sweet enough to go back for another.






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