Noshes by Sherri

Life is a strange and beautiful journey. Sometimes you are lucky enough to have the privilege of going on that journey with your soulmate. Mike and Sherri Leon have been on that journey for the last 30 years from mixing pharmaceutical ingredients in the pharmacy to mixing baking ingredients that all together fulfill the needs of their customers. Mike and Sherri have been staples of the greater Philadelphia community. 


Now, with all journeys there are new adventures, and the mixing duo would like to take you all on a ride through the sweetness of their love for food. There is 30 years of love and trust baked into every item, and as Sherri goes on to say...


"Each day, we bake everything from scratch using the finest ingredients. From Jewish Apple Cake to poppyseed cookies, our noshes are meant to bring happiness to your tastebuds!"


You can still find Sherri behind the Pharmacy counter, doing her part to keep the community healthy, and at night in the comfort of their home kitchen you can find the duo creating sweets. 

With an online business right now, you can order your delights right here for home or business delivery. Be sure to keep in touch for food festival announcements!


We look to make your day just a little sweeter!



Mike & Sherri

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Noshes by Sherri:


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